(Available 13 September 2019)

“Simple Things” has been waiting to take flight and, as they say, it is all about timing…

“From the moment I penned this song in one of the darkest hours I can recall, I knew that ‘Simple Things’ was more than just another song. It carries a strong message for others suffering mental health issues that they are NOT alone. I have suffered all my life and still do to this day. I feel a great deal of relief knowing that FINALLY this song will be released to the world. Simple Things was co- produced in Sydney with Graham Buzz Bidstrup of GANGgajang and The Party Boys. Buzz is still rocking and there’s nothing dated about the man or his ear for production. I left the artwork in the creative hands of Josh Needs and what a damn good idea that was! He delivered a beautiful simple cover that represents the song perfectly. After 5 years of frustrated attempts at releasing this song I could not be happier with the result I have and am moving forward with.” – Dean Ray

‘Simple Things’, will be part of the soundtrack for the film, ‘The Show Must Go On’, to premiere on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 at 9.30pm on ABC TV. Written/directed by Ben Steel, this documentary goes beyond the bright lights of the Australian entertainment industry to explore the reasons why so many creative workers currently experience life under a cloud of darkness.

The Entertainment Industry is widely perceived as glamorous, fun, exciting, and well paid. But some recent and alarming statistics reveal another, darker  side of the industry that we love. Suicide attempts in the industry are more than double the national average, creatives suffer 10 times higher anxiety levels, 7 times higher sleep disorder levels, and 5 times higher depression levels than the national average.

This project aims to thoroughly explore the devastating research, hear from people in all corners of the industry, shine a light on the issues, and inspire and initiate change.

While this single and film may not reach and save every life, we hope it will have enough impact to at least save one, and that it will spark much needed conversations about mental health.

‘Simple Things’ is just the perfect musical backdrop for this film and once again timely. Dean jumped at the chance to have his song on the soundtrack and to share his message with as many people as possible.

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(Available 20 October 2017)

Dean has worked hard at his craft, writing, touring and honing his talents. He has performed countless headline shows, touring both nationally and internationally since making waves in the public eye back in 2014. Bringing a dose of rock and blues, with some added guitar twang, to his singer-songwriter roots, "The Messenger" is Dean's second album, and includes his recent single "The Winnings" and new single "Call It A Day".




Princess Annie (Single) - Dean Ray


Single - Released 12 September 2018

Mystery (Single) - Dean Ray


Single - Released 27 July 2018

Lady Powers (Single) - Dean Ray


Single - Available 27 April 2018

Call It A Day (Single)


Single - Available 21 September 2017

The Winnings (Single)


Single - Available 11 August 2017

Dean Ray started making waves back in 2014 when his debut single, Coming Back, hit No. 1 on the iTunes Singles Chart, going Platinum, and his self titled album achieved Gold status.

Since then, Dean has been busy honing his craft including splitting his time between Melbourne and California, making connections and writing material for his 2nd longplayer, The Messenger, scheduled for release in October.

The first track from the new album, The Winnings, was recorded in Melbourne’s Wick Studios with Dan Corless producing (Olivia Newton-John, The Badloves) and mates Luke Austen (bass) and Marcus Ryan (drums).

Dean explains, “Time is relentless ... It simply never stops. I came to realise this in a hotel room on sunset in Hollywood. It was a warm Californian winter’s night and I had just heard that an old flame was engaged to be married. Any hope I may have had to reignite the flame was quite rapidly extinguished. It was in this moment The Winnings was born.”

Dean Ray grew up in tiny Meandarra QLD, and with both parents performing and touring on the country music circuit, Dean’s career course was set from a young age. From his early childhood, Dean travelled Australia with his parents, sleeping in guitar cases while they packed up their gear to travel to the next beer soaked venue. Since birth he was always intrigued by rhythm and took to drumming at 6 years old. He then picked up a guitar at age 13 and began to write his own material. Dean recalls having a strange but amazing childhood travelling with his parents’ family band around Australia. But at age 16, in search of independence and freedom, he left the family home and went on the road looking for the real world he had heard so much about. He has since built a loyal following and toured throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, England and America.

Dean has just recently finished the final stages of The Messenger, his first independent album release which he describes as “raw, honest and unplanned”

The Winnings is available now on Dean’s website and all digital download stores.




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